The HITECH act passed by congress requires that certain information such as, social security, birth date, and name can only be sent electronically thru secure layering. Traditional delivery via telephone and/or fax is still permissible.


Astro Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce that we offer "Secure Message Delivery" via an App installed on your smart phone. This App and it's service are offered to our clients at no additional charge. If you have chosen to utilize this feature with us you will be sent an additional set of instructions for your use.

 Secure Message Delivery requires that you have a data package on your smart phone. Simply put, no one can transmit the above information via Email or Text. Secure Delivery layering requires that in order to view the message, the receiver must enter a password, thus creating a secure layer.


For more information regarding the HITECH Act of 2009, please visit the Health and Human Service website.
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