We are Astro Communications, Inc. We are more than "Just The Answering Service," we are the service Industries Choice. Owned and Operated by Marc & Mitzy Kaiser, Established in 1993 with the main goals of providing a outstanding service and care with Compassion, Urgency, and Friendliness.

Astro Communications, Inc reputation with the Answering Service Industry guarantees that your needs are our first and only priority.



Our Mission

Our mission is to give our customers the highest quality service, and to meet the specific needs of their business at a fair price. We provide live Telephone Answering Service, Call Center services and outsourcing services for over 20 years. Our 24 hour, 7 days a week, live operator services, answer for locally and nationally owned businesses.

Our Operators

Each member of our staff is trained to understand and accommodate the need of the caller by creating an extension of your establishment and the backing of on-call personnel 24 hours a day.

Our staff is committed to your business and will help you get the edge you need to become a top competitor in your industry. We handle every call accurately, professionally, and promptly.


When you hope to run a successful business, one of the things that require your attention is your Customer Service and Telephone Services. In order to keep things running smoothly, you need to make sure that all of your calls are answered. If clients reach an engaged signal or run through to voicemail, you could be damaging your businesses valuable reputation.

You might think that telephone answering can't possibly have such a huge effect on your business, but Astro is here to show you otherwise. Communication plays a large role in the outside perception of your business and if just a few calls slip through, you will soon realize that word of mouth becomes a huge issue. Dissatisfied clients are bound to spread the word that your business is sloppy and your customer services are substandard; this will soon becomes a problem you will struggle to recover from. Why let this happen if you can employ Astro Communications Inc. to make all your problems disappear and make more business appear.


No matter what Industry or Business you are in, Astro has the tools required for your business to succeed and to grow.

Astro Communications has the Services and Solutions for any business to grow, and as we want to be apart of that growth. Let us enhance your ability to attract new clients while keeping your current ones happy. All calls are recorded and you will be able to review everything.

Clients that are apart of our family include....

  • Funeral Home Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • HVAC Industry
  • Business Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Answering Industry
  • Property Management Industry

Funeral Home Industry

Astro Communications has been supplying comprehensive answering and messaging service solutions to funeral homes and funeral service providers for over 20 years.  We understand that in times of grief, your calls require immediate attention and sensitivity.  Our agents are extensively trained to speak with people in their time of mourning with sensitivity and compassion, while showing respect and a sense of urgency for making timely arrangements. When someone passes away our Live Operators take all the information provided by the hospital, facility, etc. and contact the On-Call Director for further instructions.

Medical Industry

Astro answers for some of the top leading durable medical suppliers. Our agents are extensively trained in medical terminology and methods of handling urgent callers with speed and precision, while showing compassion and tact. We provide many medical companies, and physicians with call overflow, after hours, and weekend services. We also provide CRM (Customer Resource Management) for many clients nationwide.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses don't need to shy away from our Answering service. Astro can be your 24 hour receptionist for a low rate fee. We guarantee that your business can not find a 24 hour receptionist at our cost or cheaper. We want to belong to the reasoning of why your business is growing. We handle many small businesses known as the "Mom and Pop" businesses as we are one ourselves. We know what it takes to become a top competitor, and we are willing to help make your business a top competitor in your field.



As a Christian Owned Family Business, The owners Marc & Mitzy Kaiser have a passion to give back to the communities in which they have a customer base. We are proud that Astro Communications gives back by offering our services at "No Charge" to various Churches and Non-profit Organizations throughout the United States.

                                               "We give back without reward, recognition or benefit"
                                                                            Marc & Mitzy Kaiser