Astro Communications, Inc.
24Hr. Call Center/ Customer Relationship Management

Welcome to Astro Communications where we are at your service 24/7/365. Our call center is a family owned business, and specializes in the Funeral Home Industry, Propane Industry, and Durable Medical Equipment Industry. We also answer for property management, HVAC Industry, and any other business needing a 24hr receptionist. Our mission is to give our customers the highest quality service, and to meet the specific needs of our customers business at a fair price. Our main goals are to provide a "Flat Rate" service with "Live Operators" specially trained to complement our family of clients.


Astro Communications has been around for over 20 years, and answer for many different businesses locally and nationwide. We answer for businesses from all over the US big or small. Astro knows what it is like to start off small, but our staff handles every call professionally, accurately, and promptly which has caused us to grow and be a top competitor in our industry. Our staff guarantees that your business needs and customers needs are our priority. For smaller businesses our services are great to help your company grow and to gain more clients. Think of Astro Communications as your 24/7/365 receptionist.  We are ready everyday 24/7 to answer questions, provide details, and register clients to your business. We are here to help all businesses and customers to grow. 


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502)-955-1120- Phone

(888)-809-3714 Toll Free